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Gerber Order Folding Clip Knife

item #GER000G
Price: $54.95 Buy Gerber Order Folding Clip Knife
Gerber Order Folding Clip Knife
Gerber Order Folding Clip Knife description:
Gerber's Order Folding Clip Knife is an EDC with a tactical advantage. Proudly made in Portland, the Order consists of the finest materials Gerber has to offer, like the ceramic-finished 420HC steel blade and robust handle made of glass-filled nylon. Gerber shaped the blade with a drop point and partially serrated edge that's up for a variety of tasks. The handle has a sleek and effective rubber grip, and it allows higher choking for more intricate work. This knife's lock back mechanism ensures secure opening and closing, and the thumbhole promotes one-handed opening.

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