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Gore Bike Wear Power Women's Gloves

item #GBW0210
Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $27.47
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Gore Bike Wear Power Women's Gloves
Gore Bike Wear Power Women's Gloves description:
The Gore Bike Wear Women's Power Glove is designed to keep you comfortable and your grip firm on the longest, most challenging rides. The Power Glove's stretchy, breathable fabric regulates moisture and the ventilation holes on the sides of the fingers keep you hands dry. Gore uses a combination of gel and foam padding to provide cushion and support where you need it most. The fingerless design provides excellent dexterity, while the silicone-coated inner knuckles enhance your grip on the bars. Gore includes a hook-and-loop wrist closure to secure your fit, and the finger loops allow for quick and easy removal.

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