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Gore Bike Wear Element Glove - Men's

item #GBW003K
Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $18.35
Buy Gore Bike Wear Element Glove - Men's
Gore Bike Wear Element Glove - Men's
Gore Bike Wear Element Glove - Men's description:
Perfect pavement, quiet bike paths, and winding country roads are your favorite courses, and Gore's Element Gloves are designed to keep your hands comfortable while you're enjoying sun-dappled rides across them all. Gore makes the upper from a stretchy blend of nylon and elastane, the palm from durable synthetic leather, and the thumb panel from soft microfiber that's designed to clean glasses and wipe noses without abrasion. Rural chip seal can be rough in even the most pristine weather conditions, but the Element's foam palm padding helps dampen road noise to prevent numbness from setting in during long miles.

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