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Fox Racing Ascent Glove

item #FXR01XS
Price: $44.95
Sale Price: $29.22
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Fox Racing Ascent Glove
Fox Racing Ascent Glove description:
The cross-country Ascent line comes closest of all of Fox Racing's off-road kit to mimicking the slim minimalism of road kit. Given that, it's not necessarily surprising that the Ascent Glove is the brand's lightest, most minimalist long-finger glove. Even the branding and cuff are minimized, with Fox forgoing its usual moto-inspired branding and coverage in favor of simple block letters and abbreviated, mid-wrist coverage. We should note that, in this case, minimalist construction doesn't mean substandard--in fact, the opposite is true. The Ascent's body is made from Lycra, and the palm is 100% goatskin, a combination that rides light, protects your palms, and keeps bar feel on-point.

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