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Fox Racing Legion Glove

item #FXR01XR
Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $29.96
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Fox Racing Legion Glove
Fox Racing Legion Glove description:
On the outside, the Fox Racing Legion Glove looks like a standard full-finger hand holster. But inside, it plays host to a plurality of functional features. The Cordura shell is a standard fixture in trail gear, but not when it's haunted internally by a fleece inner face. That combination protects against the abuse of the trail and the frigidity of late autumn air. Even the Lycra gussets, inserted to allow a full range of digit reach, are backed with TPU for weather protection. The knuckles and fingers are padded for when the trail party turns punchy (as in literally punching trees), and touchscreen compatibility lets you capture all the incriminating evidence on your phone.

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