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Fox Racing Unabomber Gloves - Men's

item #FXR01MK
Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $27.47
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Fox Racing Unabomber Gloves - Men's
Fox Racing Unabomber Gloves - Men's description:
The combination of perforated leather and Poron D30 knuckle protection makes the Fox Racing men's Unabomber Gloves a hot-weather favorite for aggressive riders. This construction allows air to flow freely through the gloves so your hands remain dry and in control, and the padding -- only in spots you need it -- keeps your fingers safe if you clip a tree or take a header. On the palm, synthetic Clarino is extremely durable and delivers heaps of grip so you don't come off the bars. Light, low-profile padding at the heel of the wrist helps protect in the event of a spill, while silicone detailing on the inside of the fingers keeps that from happening by providing excellent purchase on your brake levers and shifters.

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