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Filson Original Briefcase

item #FSN000M
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Filson Original Briefcase
Filson Original Briefcase description:
The Filson Twill Original Briefcase invokes images of weather-worn fence posts and leather-clad cowboys loping over barren landscapes, but it also has the street smarts needed to make it today's hard-charging world. Not your typical briefcase, the rugged canvas fabric is treated with an oil finish to foil the attempts of light rain and snow that would otherwise turn your papers into a soggy mess. Two full-wide exterior pockets hold the newspaper or your electronic reading device as you race from the train to your office building. On the inside, two full-length open pockets leave ample room for a tablet, portfolio, and a few slim books. Separate little slots for business cards and your cell phone give you on-demand access, or the ability to turn it all off and put it away. The bridle leather strap and shoulder pad make slinging this bag over your shoulder simple. Take the strap off, and just carry your case by the bridle leather hand straps if you're worried about wrinkling your suit jacket.

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