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Fishpond Drifty Boat Caddie

item #FSH001U
Price: $99.95 Buy Fishpond Drifty Boat Caddie
Fishpond Drifty Boat Caddie
Fishpond Drifty Boat Caddie description:
There are three things you never go without when you're fishing from your boat: your go-to fly box, an ice cold IPA, and your Fishpond Drifty Boat Caddie to keep it all secure and organized. This nifty little pack is like a fanny-pack for your boat, but it actually looks cool, and don't worry, it has all the same functionality as a well-made fanny pack should. A zippered main compartment keeps a few fly boxes on board, while the drop-down fly box keeps a few of you favorite patterns ready to go. Multiple loops, tabs, and daisy chains secure all the necessary tools required to lasso fish, but the best feature, by far, is the beer can holder, so you can stop wasting perfectly good beer by spilling it in the bottom of your boat.

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