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FSA SLK MTB Low Riser Handlebar

item #FSA001L
Price: $134.99 Buy FSA SLK MTB Low Riser Handlebar
FSA SLK MTB Low Riser Handlebar
FSA SLK MTB Low Riser Handlebar description:
Carbon fiber has long been known for its vibration-damping properties, and aluminum has been used in bicycle components for decades because of its stiffness, strength, and low weight. FSA's SL-K Low Rise Handlebar combines the two through its Carbon Structural Integration process, creating a 740mm-wide bar that weighs less than 240 grams.This fusion of unidirectional carbon fiber wrapped around an AL6066 aluminum shell gives the SL-K not only excellent damping properties but, ensures it easily passes CEN certification. The SL-K handlebar's rise measures 18mm with a nine-degree back- and four-degree up-sweep for excellent ergonomics.

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