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FSA SL-K -20 Degree Stem

item #FSA000V
Price: $124.99 Buy FSA SL-K -20 Degree Stem
FSA SL-K -20 Degree Stem
FSA SL-K -20 Degree Stem description:
Lower the cockpit of your cross country bike with the FSA SL-K -20 Stem. Ideally suited for 29er use, this stem features a negative 20-degree rise and low-profile 28-millimeter stack height. Attach a flat, wider handlebar in the 700 to 740-millimeter range for increased control and a lowered, race-friendly profile. It features 2014-series aluminum for lightweight, yet robust cross-country performance. And since the 2014-series aluminum is nice and strong, FSA is able to machine this stem to shave precious grams. The included chromoly hardware is durable, while the four-bolt alloy faceplate increases strength and looks great with its black anodized finish.

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