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FOX Racing Shox 40 Float 27.5 HSC/LSC Fit Fork

item #FRS007X
Price: $999.99 Buy FOX Racing Shox 40 Float 27.5 HSC/LSC Fit Fork
FOX Racing Shox 40 Float 27.5 HSC/LSC Fit Fork
FOX Racing Shox 40 Float 27.5 HSC/LSC Fit Fork description:
The 2016 downhill World Championships were dominated by Rachel Atherton and Danny Hart, both aboard FOX 40 Factory forks along with countless World Cup. Riders looking for adjustability, smooth performance, reliability, and a stiff chassis count on the FOX 40 to guide them, at high speed, over the steepest and sketchiest terrain. The 40 Float 27. 5 with the FIT HSC/LSC damper is the perfect upgrade to your current downhill ride or if you are starting a build from scratch. We have been putting the fork through its paces on lift days and are really liking what we are riding.The 40 we have here is built for 27. 5 inch wheels and, like the rest of FOX's naming structure, is built on 40mm stanchions. The Factory goodness adds Kashima coating to the uppers for the plushest, most stiction-free performance. The crown and lowers are beautifully forged and machined to shave weight without losing any of the stiffness needed to keep your bike tracking through relentless rock gardens and nerve-rattling braking bumps. The 40 has some of the largest stanchions in the biz and we have no reservations saying this is the stiffest DH fork we have ridden to date and the steering precision on offer is pinpoint. Also key to the excellent front-end stiffness is the 20mm thru-axle with two pinch bolts on each dropout securing the axle. The 40 simply refuses to get bucked off its line. The suspension also works better as the legs reduce torsional twisting and fore-aft movement where less stiff forks will bind and lose performance. New for 2018 is the updated EVOL Float air spring housed in the left leg. Our experience with the new, larger negative air spring is a more linear feeling spring-rate that is super supple off the top while still offering great mid-stroke support and the ability to tune the bottom-out resistance with the included volume spacers. A bypass port allows the negative air spring to automatically equalize, so all we have to do is pump up the main chamber for our weigh...

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