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FOX Racing Shox 36 Float 27.5 170 HSC/LSC FIT Fork

item #FRS007U
Price: $999.99 Buy FOX Racing Shox 36 Float 27.5 170 HSC/LSC FIT Fork
FOX Racing Shox 36 Float 27.5 170 HSC/LSC FIT Fork
FOX Racing Shox 36 Float 27.5 170 HSC/LSC FIT Fork description:
Setting out to improve upon the 36 Float's ride characteristics, the suspension wizards at FOX upgraded this impressively stiff fork with EVOL technology for 2018. This means the FOX 36 Float 27. 5 170 HSC/LSC FIT Fork is more supple than ever, absorbing small bumps for smooth tracking across rough sections of trail littered with rocks and roots. EVOL technology is borrowed from FOX rear shocks, increasing the negative air spring volume of the Float air spring for heightened sensitivity to small bumps and trail imperfections. 36-millimeter stanchions are incredibly stiff, working hard to deflect torsional forces from bucking you off-balance when you're rallying across large rock gardens, taking side-hits scattered alongside the trail, and dropping into wicked descents. These stanchions benefit from FOX's Kashima coating, which reduces friction for a smoother, more sensitive feel. Not only does Kashima improve the fork's overall sensitivity, but it's also more durable than the black anodized stanchions of the cheaper offerings from FOX. This particular version of the 36 Float gives discerning riders greater adjustability with its FIT damper providing independent control over high and low-speed compression. This adjustability is welcome if you're the type of rider dialing in every last detail of your fork's operation, especially if you find stock settings (i. e. Open, Medium, Firm) to be insufficient for your riding tastes and local terrain at hand.

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