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FOX Racing Shox 36 Float 29 150 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork (51mm Rake)

item #FRS007O
Price: $979.00 Buy FOX Racing Shox 36 Float 29 150 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork (51mm Rake)
FOX Racing Shox 36 Float 29 150 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork (51mm Rake)
FOX Racing Shox 36 Float 29 150 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork (51mm Rake) description:
It's no surprise that FOX's 36 Float is the leading fork for aggressive all-mountain riders and competitive enduro racers seeking the plush support and stability to crush bigger lines and rip downhill at ridiculous speeds. Even with this industry dominance, the engineers at FOX realized their leading all-mountain/enduro fork could benefit from a smoother, more supple feel across small bumps and trail imperfections. For 2018, FOX gave the 36 Float 29 150 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork (51mm Rake) EVOL technology borrowed from the rear shocks. EVOL technology gives extra volume to the negative air spring, which in turn improves its sensitivity when you're climbing over rutted sections, undulating terrain, and rock-strewn trails. It retains the impressively stiff 36-mililmeter stanchions, meaning you'll retain rock-solid stability without torsional forces bucking you excessively across rugged terrain and blistering descents. The stanchions are upgraded with the buttery-smooth feel of FOX's Kashima coating for even better sensitivity, as well as increased durability when you're thrashing this fork on a regular basis. The fork's Fit4 damper uses a slightly revised tune with a reconfigured shim stack making it all the more sensitive to light inputs and small bumps. Another benefit to this reconfigured design, it's now easier than ever to swap volume spacers without dealing with a previous seal. This is a great feature, as many riders on the 36 Float desire added progressiveness to prevent bottoming out and excess harshness on bigger hits. This particular version of the 36 Float gets a Fit4 damper with 3-position adjust, giving you the option of running it Open, Medium, or Firm. In Open mode, you'll find 22 clicks of low-speed compression damping, which is great for dialing in its feel to your exact riding preferences. Medium adds a bit firmer feel without fully locking it out, making it an excellent choice for longer climbs where reducing front end bob is warranted. Firm acts a...

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