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FOX Racing Shox 34 Float 27.5 150 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork

item #FRS006V
Price: $879.00 Buy FOX Racing Shox 34 Float 27.5 150 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork
FOX Racing Shox 34 Float 27.5 150 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork
FOX Racing Shox 34 Float 27.5 150 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork description:
It's no secret that FOX is always striving to improve suspension and enable us to access rougher trails with less weight, more responsiveness, and better small bump absorption. Their engineers are not new to the game, and they have a pretty stellar reputation to go along with the company's 30+ years of experience. We're coming to a point where every year we wonder just how FOX plans on improving things further. For 2018, the FOX 34 Float 27. 5 150 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork shows us that there's still more that can be done, with the majority of focus, this time around, being placed on the damper tune and revised Float air spring with EVOL technology, providing even smoother bump absorption than before. The new Float fork features some advantageous tech that is borrowed from the familiar Float rear shocks, such as the EVOL air spring, with positive and negative air chambers that automatically adjust to equalize pressure. The use of EVOL in the Float 34 lends its self to increased sensitivity and traction, no matter what pressure setting you're running on your fork. The top of the travel is more supple than before, with the help of a larger negative air spring, which also creates an increase in mid-stroke support. More easily adjusted than previous models, the new Float just requires a simple addition of volume spacers to fine tune your air spring to your own personal riding needs. The improved balance within the fork is met with 34mm stanchions on the outside. At 34mm in diameter, they are the perfect in-between of the light duty 32mm and burlier 36mm stanchions its partners in FOX's lineup possess. This sweet spot results in a fork that tracks well, handles technical terrain with ease, and feels smooth on descents, with more stability than the 32, and without the additional weight that the 36 carries, so you can keep the smile on your face, even while you're staring up a few thousand feet of fire road. With the aggressive trail rider in mind, the light weight and rel...

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