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FOX Racing Shox 32 Float SC AX 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork

item #FRS006R
Price: $819.00 Buy FOX Racing Shox 32 Float SC AX 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork
FOX Racing Shox 32 Float SC AX 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork
FOX Racing Shox 32 Float SC AX 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork description:
Overhaul your rigid gravel fork with the bump-smoothing travel of the FOX 32 Float SC AS 3Pos-Adj FIT4 Fork. An experimental product of FOX's Open Project, the 32 Float Step Cast Adventure Cross (AX) fork resulted from FOX employees retrofitting their existing 32 Float Step Cast Forks down to 40 millimeters of travel by cutting down the existing air spring. Resoundingly positive impressions on gravel roads and long tours inspired FOX to produce this suspension fork for the gravel market. Since this idea came a bit late to the table, FOX wasn't able to design a purpose-built gravel fork from the ground up, meaning this fork isn't fully compatible with every gravel or cross bike on the market. That being said, it's still an impressive end product that's sure to delight the adventurous gravel rider and touring enthusiast seeking more plushness than their rigid fork affords. 40 millimeters of travel absorbs small bumps while you're grinding down gravel roads and exploring light-duty singletrack. The Float air spring is upgraded with EVOL technology for heightened sensitivity to small bumps and road surface irregularities. Its Fit4 damper features 3-position adjust, giving you the ability to switch between Open, Medium, and Firm settings. The Open mode affords 22 clicks of low-compression adjust for fine-tuning its feel to your needs and local terrain, with the Firm mode providing a practical lockout with a blow-off that prevents damage if you hit a deeper pothole. It's pre-installed with four volume spacers, so you don't blow through all the travel at the slightest bump, seeing it only has 40 millimeters of travel. In fact, FOX allows you to run up to eight spacers for a more progressive ramp-up to avoid harshness and bottoming out. Please note, since this is an early iteration, the 32 Float SC AX isn't fully compatible on every gravel bike, especially smaller frames where the fork's crown might come into contact with the down tube. Also, it makes your bike's hea...

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