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FOX Racing Shox Kabolt Axle

item #FRS003I
Price: $44.95 Buy FOX Racing Shox Kabolt Axle
FOX Racing Shox Kabolt Axle
FOX Racing Shox Kabolt Axle description:
When seconds matter, shaving a few grams can make or break a trip to the podium. Fox Racing Shox crafts the Kabolt Axle for weight-conscious racers looking to drop that bulky QR from the front axle in order to get every last advantage on the course. The 100mm version clocks in at a claimed 40g lighter than Fox Racing Shox's standard skewer. Either size is compatible with all 15mm quick-release forks and installs in a flash with a 6mm hex wrench. As an added bonus, the Kabolt eliminates worries of catching a quick-release lever on errant rocks and branches.

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