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First Endurance PreRace

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First Endurance PreRace
First Endurance PreRace description:
Boost your mental clarity and improve cardiac output during intense training sessions and races with the First Endurance PreRace drink mix. Working synergistically by combining a neuro stimulate proprietary blend to improve cognitive function with ingredients that stimulate the Nitric Oxide system, PreRace boosts your efforts with just one scoop 30 to 45-minutes before working out. This mix doesn't contain any artificial sweeteners or flavor additives, allowing you to mix it with a flavored electrolyte drink before exercising or racing. A favorite among athletes, you'll find 200-milligrams of caffeine per serving to increase mental clarity before going hard. That's the same as two cups of strong coffee in a single jolt, giving you a powerful boost before exercising. Additionally, you'll find Taurine and Citrulline Malate work to improve cardiac output by stimulating vasodilation (widening of the blood vessels). First Endurance recommends starting out with a 1/2-scoop before exercise to get used to its overall strength and effects. Each tub contains 98-grams, which is approximately 20 servings of PreRace mixture.

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