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Exposure Sirius Mk5 Headlight with TraceR Tail Light

item #EXP001V
Price: $184.53
Sale Price: $159.99
Buy Exposure Sirius Mk5 Headlight with TraceR Tail Light
Exposure Sirius Mk5 Headlight with TraceR Tail Light
Exposure Sirius Mk5 Headlight with TraceR Tail Light description:
When you're commuting, you know better than to count on a few tired reflective accents on your wheels to keep you seen by motorists. Rather than relying on headlights and streetlights to reflect off of you, equip your commuter frame with Exposure Lights' Sirius Mk5 Headlight with TraceR Tail Light. This set makes it easy to avoid potholes and stay visible out on the roads with a lightweight design and intuitive, convenient features. When you lock the Sirius Mk5 onto your handlebars, you'll gain 550 lumens of extra visibility to help you both see and be seen on the roads. Exposure purposely shaped the lens to cast a wide, flat beam that lends some side illumination as well. It comes with a refreshingly simple two modes: solid or pulsing. It's also got a fuel gauge to keep you up to speed on battery life, and the cable-free design promises not to clutter up your cockpit. On your seatpost, mount the TraceR to gain similar wide-angle and side visibility to motorists, especially those you're sharing a lane with. This compact light emits a generous 75 lumens--a fair amount more than your basic clip-on tail light--and comes with its own assortment of solid and pulsing modes. Exposure also includes a fuel gauge on the TraceR, set up appropriately in a traffic light design to make quick battery life checks easy when you're packing up for your ride into work. Since both lights recharge via a USB cable, you can easily top-off your battery from your desk at work before you head out into traffic.

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