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Exposure Race Mk11 Headlight

item #EXP001P
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Exposure Race Mk11 Headlight
Exposure Race Mk11 Headlight description:
Whether you're racing late afternoon 'cross, evening XC, or just heading out to train on the roads at night, if weight is a key concern in which light you use, consider Exposure Lights' Race Mk11 Headlight. Weighing in at just 186 grams, this tiny headlight packs a powerful punch, casting up to 1700 lumens onto the trail or road in front of you. Exposure builds the light with a host of smart features that won't interrupt your flow on-course, and houses the entire design in a CNC-machined aluminum body that saves unnecessary weight while protecting the light's internals from water and inevitable bumps and bruises. Inside the durable housing, Exposure includes two LED bulbs built with its Intelligent Thermal Mangement technology to prevent overheating. A single stainless-steel button switches the light quickly into different modes, while an OLED display provides feedback on mode and battery life that's easy to read even during a quick, mid-lap glance. Within the mode you select, choose to turn on Exposure's Reflex setting to let the light customize its specific beam based on acceleration, gradient, and cornering forces to better support your ride. A solid, aluminum mount holds the light securely on your bars, and the cable-free design recharges quickly on-the-go using the included USB cable.

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