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Evoc Photo Op 16L Camera Bag

item #EVC002D
Price: $179.95
Sale Price: $143.96
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Evoc Photo Op 16L Camera Bag
Evoc Photo Op 16L Camera Bag description:
Hauling expensive camera equipment around in a regular backpack is like putting a square peg in round hole--equip yourself with the right tool for the job with the Evoc Photo Op 16L Camera Bag. Its classic backpack silhouette includes camera-specific organization too keep your camera and spare lenses secure and organized. The Photo Op features a durable polyester fabric, lending defense and protection from the daily grind, while the PU coating helps protect your valuables from light moisture. Moderate volume capacity prevents you from over packing, assuring that you're able to bring just-enough lenses or backup batteries. Meanwhile, the waist belt helps stabilize the load and disperses the weight of your load, rather than it all falling on your shoulders uncomfortably.

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