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Evoc FR Pro 20L Backpack

item #EVC001X
Price: $189.95
Sale Price: $151.96
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Evoc FR Pro 20L Backpack
Evoc FR Pro 20L Backpack description:
Incorporating more features than you can throw a transceiver at, the Evoc FR Pro 20L Backpack is built to support your backcountry tour and ensure that you go home wearing a powder grin. In putting together the FR Pro, the folks at Evoc understood that a worst-case scenario in the backcountry means a long, violent ride down an avalanche path, so they included a Liteshield back protector to ward against the potentiality of cataclysmic injury and paralysis. And because rifling through your gear in the aftermath of a slide could cost you valuable life-saving seconds, the FR Pro has a separate compartment for your shovel and probe, so everything you need to begin extrication is just a zip away. Plus, the Backpack is compatible with your hydration system and includes an insulated tube router, so your water doesn't freeze on the way up the boot pack or skin track.

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