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Evoc Terminal Bag - 3661cu in

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Evoc Terminal Bag - 3661cu in
Evoc Terminal Bag - 3661cu in description:
You've got all the gear you'll need at your destination figured out, but you need a convenient way to bring it there. Adding the Evoc Terminal Bag to your closet gives you a convenient way to transport your gear on trips that involve multiple modes of transportation. The durable, travel-proof design aims to make getting to your next adventure as easy as possible, no matter how many hours it takes. Gliding along on its durable skate-style wheels disguised as a single unit, the Terminal Bag actually splits easily via zipper into two separate pieces: a 20-liter backpack and a 40-liter carry-on sized roller, giving you myriad options for air travel. Evoc constructs both with the always impressive PU-coated ripstop nylon, severely limiting the likelihood of snags and rips en route to faraway locales. Once you reach your destination, you can detach the backpack and fill it with everyday essentials, its padded straps comfortable enough for city walks and pursuits further afield. Further, the Terminal Bag comes with a dedicated address card compartment to encourage organization, and the backpack can accommodate a 17in laptop when detached from the rest of the bag. The telescoping handle makes the bag even more maneuverable than its heavy-duty end handles already do--perfect for keeping you moving through tight laneways and crowded train stations.

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