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Evoc World Traveller Suitcase - 7628cu in

item #EVC001S
Price: $300.00
Sale Price: $270.00
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Evoc World Traveller Suitcase - 7628cu in
Evoc World Traveller Suitcase - 7628cu in description:
Evoc's seminal product was its bar-raising Bike Travel Case. We find it easy to think of the World Traveller Suitcase as an extension of that product, because really, it is. Evoc's quickly-established fan base practically demanded some non-bike-specific transport gear, and the company answered with some more revolutionary German-engineered products, the largest and most capable of which is the bag you see here. It may sound cliche, but Evoc really did think of everything when designing the World Traveller. Blended of ultra-tough ballistic ripstop nylons, the bag's materials will stand the test of time as you drag it around the world. Or pull it, of course, via its telescoping handle on its smooth, durable skate wheels. Evoc knows that maintaining organization in a 125-liter bag can be tricky, so inside, the World Traveler has a one-third/two-thirds split of its cargo area. Inside both areas, you'll find repositionable padded partitions that allow you to further customize the distribution of space, helping you keep some order. The smaller of the two can easily accommodate camera and video equipment, for example, while the larger area can stash the shoes and clothes you need for your trip. Thinking of the details, Evoc also includes an easily accessible address card compartment, as well as skateboard straps on its back, so you can bring along such essentials. The zippers lock, too, so security is less of an issue. The bottom line: a bombproof, intelligent, massive bag that will keep up and keep you organized for your longest, biggest trips around the planet. We think it looks pretty good, too, a rare feature in luggage that will help it stand out on the carousel.

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