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Evoc Stage Technical Bike Daypack

item #EVC001L
Price: $150.00
Sale Price: $90.68
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Evoc Stage Technical Bike Daypack
Evoc Stage Technical Bike Daypack description:
The Evoc Stage Technical Bike Daypack provides just the right amount of storage space without being overly bulky. Its streamlined, easy to carry design carries a day's worth of riding essentials and up to three liters of hydration, with ample organization capabilities to safely stow your tools, snacks, and other accessories. A convenient helmet attachment also carries your XC or full-face helmet when you're finished riding for the day. Adjusting to the width of your shoulders, the pack's innovative Brace Link adjusts the shoulder straps automatically for a truly custom fit without pressure points. The Airflow Contact System combats sweat build-up along your back thanks to its vented channels and perforated EVA padding. Other key features include an integrated rain cover and protective gear holder for securing knee and shin pads.

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