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Evoc Junior Race Bag

item #EVC001G
Price: $60.00
Sale Price: $31.80
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Evoc Junior Race Bag
Evoc Junior Race Bag description:
We're big fans of Evoc's travel bags, whose stylish detailing and protective elements have earned our trust by protecting our figurative babies during trips from across the state to across the world. Evoc brings those same qualities to the Junior Race Bag, which incorporates reflective detailing and a safety whistle on the chest strap in order to protect our literal babies once they're old enough to hit the streets or trails on their own. When it comes to our kids, safety may be first on our minds, but it's certainly not the last of the thoughtful additions Evoc makes to the Junior Race Bag's features. These features include a separate section for wet gear; multiple, easily accessible pockets; and a little star-shaped "wallet" that's ideal for carrying lunch money or spare cash for gas station granola-bar stops.

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