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Eureka Singlis ST Sleeping Pad

item #ERK002I
Price: $49.95 Buy Eureka Singlis ST Sleeping Pad
Eureka Singlis ST Sleeping Pad
Eureka Singlis ST Sleeping Pad description:
Whether you're camping at your favorite state park or backpacking deep into the wilderness, the Eureka Singlis ST Sleeping Pad ensures a great night's rest in temperate climates. Soft-touch, anti-slip surface fabric provides a smooth feel for maximum comfort. Note that its relatively low R-value means you'll experience some heat transfer to the ground, making it ideal for mild shoulder seasons and warmer summer conditions. Available in two different sizes, the Singlis ST Sleeping Pad features an integrated hand pump for quick and easy inflation. The regular-sized pad inflates in as little as a minute and a half, and the large-sized pad takes less than three minutes to inflate.

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