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Ergon SMC3 Pro Saddle

item #ERG001O
Price: $129.95 Buy Ergon SMC3 Pro Saddle
Ergon SMC3 Pro Saddle
Ergon SMC3 Pro Saddle description:
Comparing a comfortable, touring saddle and a light, stiff race saddle doesn't have to resemble putting a pillow and a brick side by side. It can, but manufacturers like Ergon have managed to construct saddles that focus on comfort without sacrificing a race-able weight. If a cozier tush during everyday dirt sessions is on your mind, give the Ergon SMC3 Pro Saddle a look. As the lightest, highest-end offering in Ergon's mountain-specific SMC3 line, the SMC3 Pro comes with a smart construction that adds cush without grams. Explore unknown singletrack or punch over rocky cruxes to maintain a gap in your weeknight race series without the post-ride soreness with the SMC3 Pro. Ergon sets the SMC3 Pro apart from its more budget-friendly siblings by using a carbon composite shell atop its lightweight TiNox rails. TiNox is a blend of stainless steel and titanium that's only produced in a single factory in Austria. The blend is actually lighter than standard titanium, but it retains the strength of the wonder alloy, making it an even better choice for racing kit like the SMC3 Pro. In addition to reducing the saddle's weight to a claimed 220g--15g lighter than the SMC3 Comp. When combined with a layer of Ergon's AirCell padding, the shell creates a saddle that acts as a reliable barrier against bumps and harsh trail noise. Unlike its siblings, the SMC3 Pro also boasts a silicone-treated nose to reduce hang-ups, and its shape reduces chafing and guarantees ample leg clearance. Like the other SMC3 models, the Pro is finished with a pronounced pressure-relief channel down the center to achieve a balance of support and relief.

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