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Ergon SMA3 Comp Saddle

item #ERG001K
Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $79.73
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Ergon SMA3 Comp Saddle
Ergon SMA3 Comp Saddle description:
You might be tempted to affix just any old saddle to your new all-mountain rig, but it'd be a mistake to underestimate just how much more fun the ride could be if you capped the build off with an Ergon SMA3 Comp Saddle. With orthopedic padding and a pressure-relieving center channel, the SMA3 is made for comfort over long days and challenging trails. As a final touch that speaks to its trail-specific purpose, a flattened profile stays out of the way when you're shifting weight between steep drops and grinding climbs, so you can focus on your skills instead of catching your shorts on the saddle.

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