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Ergon GX1 Grips

item #ERG001D
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Ergon GX1 Grips
Ergon GX1 Grips description:
Technical XC racing calls for low-profile grips that will work with you, not against you, in situations where small mistakes cost significant time. Ergon understands this well, and the company engineered its GX1 Grips with fast grip changes that leave little room for slipping around on the bars during hard-charging, dynamic XC courses. The GX1's slender, protruding wings gradually taper to a slim, easy-to-hold center, and the entire grip is coated in Ergon's race-specific rubber, whose job is to not only to keep your hands glued in place, but to lessen hand fatigue by dampening harsh chatter from unforgiving courses. A durable, lightweight Aircraft Aluminum clamp promises to keep the grips in place without the chance of extra movement once installed.

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