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Ergon SME3 Pro Saddle

item #ERG000C
Price: $129.95
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Ergon SME3 Pro Saddle
Ergon SME3 Pro Saddle description:
The basic shapes of saddles tend to stay remarkably consistent, but that doesn't mean they can't be improved. Rather than relying on tradition, Ergon designed the SME3 Pro Saddle by computer mapping a whole lot of butts, basically, so it could optimize the shape of the of the saddle to provide support for your sit bones and space for your more sensitive areas. Elastic pockets under your sit bones provide flexible comfort without excessive padding, and multi-layered cushioning places padding only where you need it, so you don't lose pedal power to a squishy saddle. Designed for enduro riders, the SME3 isn't just comfortable. It's fast and light, too, with a Y-flex carbon fiber shell and strong Tinox rails that provide just the right amount of flex. The Lorica cover is tough and easy to keep clean, and Ergon even coated the edges of the saddle with silicone to help stop if from chafing against your thighs. There's also a rubber underside, which is designed to make things more comfortable when you have to throw your bike over your shoulder to navigate downed trees or snowy patches.

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