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ENVE DH Handlebar v2

item #ENV0047
Price: $175.00 Buy ENVE DH Handlebar v2
ENVE DH Handlebar v2
ENVE DH Handlebar v2 description:
It's been proven time and time again: Well-built carbon fiber components arenaTMt only strong enough, they're the strongest on the planet. When it comes to build quality, few can touch ENVE. The ENVE DH Handlebar v2 has been tested into the ground, and the results are in--this very well may be the toughest handlebar made. Either way, Mr. Minnr used it to win back-to-back DH world championships. In other words, this thing can take world-class punishment. The Downhill Bar was developed by riders for riders. Utilizing extensive feedback from the trail, the Downhill Bar design represents a perfect equilibrium between weight and strength. A mere 235g of impeccable carbon, the Downhill Bar is light enough for big climbs, yet durable enough for catching big air. At the same time, the extra-long 800mm stance provides flexible comfort in the dirt, and the 9-degree rearward sweep keeps your wrists in a relaxed, neutral position.

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