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ENVE Downhill Minnaar Bar v2

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Price: $225.00 Buy ENVE Downhill Minnaar Bar v2
ENVE Downhill Minnaar Bar v2
ENVE Downhill Minnaar Bar v2 description:
ENVE created the original Downhill Minnr Bar in honor of Greg Minnr's third World Championships victory in 2013, which built on ENVE's DH bar with a wider 808mm stance and World Championship stripes. For v2, ENVE sought feedback from the bar's namesake and tweaked a few measurements for an even better ride feel. The rise bumps up 5mm to 28mm, reducing headset spacers and putting the bar axis closer to the frame. The back and up sweep have been adjusted from nine and five degrees in v1 to a slightly straighter 7. 5 and 4. 5 degrees for improvements in wrist positioning. Since it's based on ENVE's beloved DH bar, you already know that this is an incredibly strong handlebar. Just as important, the ride-feel has been finely tuned, meaning that it's sufficiently stiff, with just enough flex built in to effectively damp trail chatter, thereby reducing arm fatigue. It's light enough to earn a spot on your trail bike, yet durable enough to jump Pietermaritzburg's 60ft+ tabletops with complete confidence. It comes out of the box at 808mm wide, Greg's exact specs, but the cut lines at the end of the handlebar make it easy to trim it to a more modest size.

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