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ENVE SWP Handlebar

item #ENV003N
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ENVE SWP Handlebar
ENVE SWP Handlebar description:
The ENVE SWP Handlebar offers zero rise with nine degrees of sweep for a low-slung, well-planted feel when you're sprinting out of the saddle and conquering technical climbs. Zero degree bars lower the front end of your cross country rocket or trail-devouring rig, alleviating the wandering feel inherent to larger wheel sizes. Staying true to ENVE's legendary carbon heritage, the SWP Handlebar features uni-directional carbon that's incredibly lightweight, smooth riding, and optimally stiff, but without excess vibration fatiguing your hands and wrists. The 760mm width improves control and stability on rowdy downhill sections. The bar features guides for cutting it down at 20mm increments for increased sensitivity to steering input.

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