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ENVE M60 Forty HV 29in Boost Wheelset

item #ENV002Q
Price: $999.99 Buy ENVE M60 Forty HV 29in Boost Wheelset
ENVE M60 Forty HV 29in Boost Wheelset
ENVE M60 Forty HV 29in Boost Wheelset description:
ENVE's new M60 Forty HV 29in Boost Wheelset provides the perfect balance of lightweight speed and beefy impact resistance, making it the do-it-all option for rowdy trail riding. For the M60 Forty HV rim, ENVE expands the internal rim width to roughly 26mm, which allows you to run 2. 3 and 2. 4in with more stability and improved cornering performance. ENVE also constructs the rim with a hookless bead for improved impact resistance and longevity. This also allows for a seamless tubeless setup and reduces flats and burping when you're running lower tire pressure. To boot, the M60 Forty HVs are made ENVE's Smart technology, giving it one the highest strength-to-weight ratios on the market.ENVE laces the M60 Forty HV rims to the burley Boost hubs. The lightening-quick DT Swiss 240 star ratchet also features a low engagement angle, turning technical ascents into a breeze by ensuring a virtually immediate response the moment you press the pedals.

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