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ENVE M60 Forty HV 27.5in Boost Wheelset

item #ENV002F
Price: $999.99 Buy ENVE M60 Forty HV 27.5in Boost Wheelset
ENVE M60 Forty HV 27.5in Boost Wheelset
ENVE M60 Forty HV 27.5in Boost Wheelset description:
When you've already built the best, where do you go' Well, ENVE just decided to make the best even better, and that's why you get to ride the new M60 Forty HV 27. 5in Boost Wheelset. The HV stands for high-volume, and that it is--the internal width has blown up from 23mm to 26. Wider rims sit bigger tires, but they're also stiffer, and the new Boost hubs make the M60 Forty HV stiffer still, making these best-in-class hoops even better. Sure, the expanded width makes the HV a microgram or two heavier than its forebear, but that's a small price to pay for the increased grip and cornering prowess, which nails the all-mountain sweet spot that most self-sponsored shredders, who don't always have the luxury of multiple carbon wheelsets, have to be satisfied with. The hookless bead is both lighter and burlier than a traditional bead hook, the better to keep those wider tires locked onto the rims, and the super-speedy engagement of the DT Swiss 240 hubs makes accelerating up gnar-strewn trails almost as easy as thinking about it.

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