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ENVE M70 Thirty HV 27.5in Wheelset

item #ENV002B
Price: $999.99 Buy ENVE M70 Thirty HV 27.5in Wheelset
ENVE M70 Thirty HV 27.5in Wheelset
ENVE M70 Thirty HV 27.5in Wheelset description:
The HV in ENVE's M70 Thirty HV 27. 5in Wheelset designates "high volume," and with a 31mm internal width, the distinction is no exaggeration. Using ENVE's legendary carbon manufacturing process, the wheels are made to descend with finesse while making unavoidable ascents not just bearable, but enjoyable. Their blend of low weight and responsiveness may very well make you purposely avoid taking the lift back to the top. Of course, once you summit, the wheels are fully capable of bombing down the steepest route and sticking technical lines across crunchy terrain. Before they were handmade in the company's Utah manufacturing facility, the M70 Thirty HV prototypes underwent extensive testing to find the point at which more width became less beneficial. After eventually seeing that too wide of a rim led to increased puncture risk, ENVE engineers decided that 31mm was the winning number for their latest innovation. The wheels are constructed with the same meticulous attention to detail, with carbon wrapped around an inner bladder that is later painstakingly removed to reduce weight and ensure consistency. The carbon fibers are wound individually around each spoke and valve hole to add strength precisely where it's needed without using extra material or sacrificing structural integrity by drilling the holes later. ENVE decided not to follow the same rim profile for the M70 Thirty HV's as it did on its standard M-series rims, so expect a slightly shallower, stronger shape overall. Within the rim sits a newly-redesigned, straight, hook-less bead. ENVE decided to make an arguably radical departure from the traditional bead hook design, adopting this new in-house shape to allow for more precise tire and rim integration. The overall effects of these decisions are improved consistency and enhanced flat resistance, creating a more durable, reliable wheelset. Finally, the M70 Thirty HV wheelset comes laced with a set of DT Swiss 240 hubs, which promise as much longevity and...

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