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ENVE M60 Forty HV 29in Wheelset

item #ENV001X
Price: $999.99 Buy ENVE M60 Forty HV 29in Wheelset
ENVE M60 Forty HV 29in Wheelset
ENVE M60 Forty HV 29in Wheelset description:
Wagon-wheel 29ers aren't just for XC anymore. They're for DH, enduro, and trail, and while the ENVE M60 Forty HV 29in Wheelset is happiest somewhere between XC and trail riding, it's not afraid to tackle a little bit of everything. With an internal width of 26mm, the HV lays down a rounded tire profile that puts down more grip than you'll know what to do with, and weighs barely more than its slimmer sibling. That's due in large part to the beadless hook, which holds onto tires more securely while saving precious ounces and increasing strength. All this means the M60 Forty rolls faster, grips better, and takes big hits without skipping a beat. Holding the whole package together, the DT Swiss 240 hubs provide snappy engagement to make short work of techy cruxes and provide instant engagement when you need every ounce of speed to make sure you don't short that upcoming gap.

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