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ENVE SES Aerobar

item #ENV000D
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ENVE SES Aerobar
ENVE SES Aerobar description:
Carbon fiber is an invariably versatile material. In fact, there are dozens of ways to design a similar laminate. But with carbon, the process is as critical as the outcome. The Enve engineers' design with the knowledge that a strong final product is the result of an innovative design process -- from the inception of the idea to the laying of the fibers, Enve's entire process is founded upon this principle. The Enve SES Aerobar follows suit and the resulting bar is not only beautiful to look at, it's fast. One of the more noticeable marks of Enve components is that they have no coating, paint, or finish. The bar you receive is essentially naked. If you've spent as much time staring at carbon components as we have, you'll notice tiny imperfections in carbon, and Enve chooses to not hide these. Carbon is, after all, a series of carbon atoms that have been bonded together in crystals to form very fine filaments. These filaments are about 5-10 microns in width. The fibers are aligned parallel to the long axis of the fiber and this gives it a very high strength to volume ratio. So essentially, your carbon aerobar is thousands of tiny threads wound together with a resin and molded into the final form. Its Smart Enve System (SES), is the brainchild of aero-engineering Simon Smart and Enve working together to create the lightest, strongest carbon components on the market.Enve's philosophy also means designing products that are available and usable by any rider, no matter what their preferred position while in aerobars. The SES Aero Bar, features flexibility to accommodate extremely low and aggressive positions and well as the higher, wider arm positions that seem to be favored by professional time trial specialists and as well as track pursuit specialists. It features virtually unlimited adjustability of elbow pads and aero extensions on a 40cm base bar. The bar includes 5, 10, and 20mm spacers, an adjustable pad with from 125mm to 200mm, and a stack height that ...

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