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ENVE SES Aero Road Handlebar

item #ENV000C
Price: $400.00 Buy ENVE SES Aero Road Handlebar
ENVE SES Aero Road Handlebar
ENVE SES Aero Road Handlebar description:
The ENVE SES Aero Road Handlebar is built for one thing: going fast. It's ENVE's first foray into internal cable routing, resulting in a clean look that cuts through the air. The flat, wide top section of the bars slices wind when you need speed and provides a big platform for resting tired hands at the end of an interval. The drops have a similar profile as ENVE's standard compact road bar, with the bar ends flaring out slightly wider than the top of the bar to offer a wide range of hand positions to get comfy and aero in the drops. Please note that the bars are measured center-to-center from the bar ends, which are wider than the tops. ENVE recommends ordering a size up from normal if you spend most of your ride time on the hoods and tops.

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