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Edelrid City Spotter 20L Backpack

item #ELR003F
Price: $79.95 Buy Edelrid City Spotter 20L Backpack
Edelrid City Spotter 20L Backpack
Edelrid City Spotter 20L Backpack description:
You don't need to carry a big backpack filled with quickdraws and cams when you're traveling across the city to climb in the gym. Edelrid's City Spotter 20 Backpack comes in a clean, streamlined style to get your plastic pulling gear to and from the gym whether you travel by bicycle or bus. There's a secondary compartment designed for chalk bags so your harness, shoes, and rope don't get caked in chalk, and multiple zippered pockets secure gym passes, wallets, and keys. Since this is Edelrid's smallest City Backpack, there are external daisy chains to clip additional gear just in case you can't fit everything in.

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