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Edelrid City Hauler 30 Rope Bag

item #ELR003E
Price: $89.95 Buy Edelrid City Hauler 30 Rope Bag
Edelrid City Hauler 30 Rope Bag
Edelrid City Hauler 30 Rope Bag description:
You may look studious and attentive when you show up to class with Edelrid's City Hauler 30 Rope Bag filled to the rim with what your professors assume to be textbooks, but little do they know you have your climbing rope, shoes, harness, and gear ready to go for a few burns on your project before sundown. The City Hauler is a climbing pack with a casual disguise so you can wear it around town, and the removable tarp readies you for redpoints. Edelrid made this classic rucksack out of recycled climbing ropes, and padding surrounds the back panel and adjustable shoulder straps for a comfy ride from campus to the crag.

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