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Edelrid Shield II Climbing Helmet

item #ELR0036
Price: $89.95 Buy Edelrid Shield II Climbing Helmet
Edelrid Shield II Climbing Helmet
Edelrid Shield II Climbing Helmet description:
Edelrid made its Men's Shield II Climbing Helmet lightweight and robust so you don't have a reason to leave it behind when you tackle long, demanding routes. Its In-Mold construction consists of a tough polycarbonate shell and an expanded polystyrene foam that you can remove if you need more room. The Wing-Fit adjustable system includes a fully adjustable chin strap and a rear dial for a comfortable fit. Airflow ventilation utilizes ten large openings to provide all the fresh air your melon needs, and four headlamp clips make sure you don't have to adjust your headlamp's band every fifteen feet on your rappel.

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