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Edelrid Ace Harness

item #ELR0032
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Edelrid Ace Harness
Edelrid Ace Harness description:
The Ace Harness is Edelrid's lightweight option for the jack-of-all-trades climber who doesn't discriminate between ice or rock. Edelrid's 3D Vent Lite technology uses strong webbing wherever you need load transmission for a well-balanced hang, while the rest of the harness is made entirely of mesh to keep things light and breathable. There is one simple, self-locking Slide Block buckle for quick-and-easy adjustments, and the leg loops stretch to stay secure over winter or summer attire. Four gear loops, ice screw attachments, and a chalk bag hanger give you enough options for quickdraws, trad gear, or ice climbing equipment.

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