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Edelrid Shield Lite Climbing Helmet

item #ELR001V
Price: $99.95 Buy Edelrid Shield Lite Climbing Helmet
Edelrid Shield Lite Climbing Helmet
Edelrid Shield Lite Climbing Helmet description:
The Shield Lite Climbing Helmet is a lighter version of Edelrid's best-selling softshell helmet for big wall climbers, alpinists, and mountaineers. In contrast to hardshell helmets, softshells wrap shock-absorbing EPS foam in a thin, lightweight polycarbonate exterior. The result is a superlight helmet that spreads impact energy across the whole helmet. Although less robust than hardshell helmets, softshells like the Shield Lite will protect your dome from falling rocks and long falls. This helmet ensures a secure fit with adjustable straps at the head, neck and chin, as well as removable internal padding. Four robust clips accommodate a headlamp when you're sending it at night.

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