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Edelrid Mega Jul Belay Device

item #ELR000K
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Edelrid Mega Jul Belay Device
Edelrid Mega Jul Belay Device description:
Use the versatile Edelrid Mega Jul Belay Device for belaying lead climbers, belaying a second or third follower from the anchor, lowering top-rope climbers from the anchor, rappelling, or abseiling. The assisted braking thumb loop (the colored, covered section) gives you more control when you're lowering or rappelling. The large steel loop on top attaches to anchors so the device can lock up without your brake hand--drink some water, enjoy the sights, or manage your rope while your second (or third) top-ropes to you. Edelrid also added a small eyelet so you can lower your top rope climbers directly from the anchors.

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