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Elite Pria Pave Water Bottle Cage

item #ELI001D
Price: $22.99 Buy Elite Pria Pave Water Bottle Cage
Elite Pria Pave Water Bottle Cage
Elite Pria Pave Water Bottle Cage description:
Jettisoned bidons bouncing merrily down steep cobblestoned climbs are a hallmark of the spring classics that may add to the spectacular atmosphere for fans but present a serious danger for competitors. Elite's Pria Pave Water Bottle Cage corrals the free-range bottles of spring with a dialed enclosure similar to the knob at the rear of your helmet's fit cage. Like your helmet, the idea is simple: an adjustable fit better tailors the case--in this case, the bottle cage--to the thing it's supposed to be enclosing. A snugger fit is a more secure fit, and more security means less chance of an untimely ejection whether you're barreling over pave, cattle guards, or train tracks. Losing a bottle in these situations is bad news because it leaves you bereft of a beverage but also presents a moving obstacle for everyone in the pack behind you--the cycling equivalent of a red tortoiseshell.

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