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Elite Tuno Power Fluid Trainer Pack

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Elite Tuno Power Fluid Trainer Pack
Elite Tuno Power Fluid Trainer Pack description:
You've taken just enough time off the bike to recover from a hectic road season and blissfully repress just how much some of those intervals hurt, when all of the sudden winter's on the horizon and it's time to get back to business and perfect your indoor training space with the Elite Tuno Power Fluid Trainer Pack. Complete with the Tuno trainer, a mat to protect your floor, and a front wheel block to keep your bike level, this pack has everything you need to stay on track with your training when the weather forces you indoors. The Tuno features a wide footprint to enhance stability, a Fast Fixing clamping mechanism for getting bikes on and off the trainer easily, and folds up in a snap for stealthy storage under the bed when not in use. Elite uses an Elastogel roller to address the noise issues and tire wear that plague so many trainers. Made out of a special cast polyurethane elastomer, Elastogel has high resistance to wear and minimal permanent deformation under pressure. Compared to standard metal rollers, Elite claims that the Elastogel reduces noise by 50% and tire wear by 20% while increasing tire grip for a slip-free spin. This means that you won't get in as many fights with your neighbors over trainer noise and you'll save some money on tires along the way. Elite also includes six months of free access to its My E-Training app, with a host of features to create more interactive trainer sessions including pre-set programs and training sessions. It lets you test your fitness to inform personalized training programs, and the modes are customizable with a user-friendly graphics editor. A mapping features allows you to map out race courses on Google Maps so you can practice favorite routes in the comfort of your own home and visualize the course so you'll be more prepared for real-life runs. The app also lets you track your data over time and share with friends by exporting rides to your favorite third party training app.

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