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Elite Drivo Interactive Power Meter Muin Trainer

item #ELI0018
Price: $999.99 Buy Elite Drivo Interactive Power Meter Muin Trainer
Elite Drivo Interactive Power Meter Muin Trainer
Elite Drivo Interactive Power Meter Muin Trainer description:
You've filled your drawers with cold-weather kit, wrapped your rims in burlier tires, and dusted off the booties and knee warmers, so you're prepared to ride until the snow buries the shoulders of your favorite roads. but once that happens, you won't be able to avoid trainer season any longer. Fortunately, you're not alone. Most of us need to give in and train inside for some portion of the year, and indoor trainers continue to get smarter. Just released this year, the Elite Drivo Interactive Power Meter Muin Trainer is a quieter, more streamlined model compared to Elite's previous trainers. It offers a road-like feel, easy direct-drive setup, and electronic adjustment to make sure your basement suffer sessions pay off come spring. The Drivo was constructed to be used almost exclusively in an at-home gym. It requires an external power source to run, and doesn't completely fold up for transportation, so travel and pre-race warm-ups aren't as convenient as with other trainers. That being said, after its quick, simple setup, you'll enjoy a quiet ride and realistic feel. A 6kg internal flywheel provides the feeling of being on the road, while the entire system syncs with any ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart app or head unit and electronically adapts resistance to match with training plans. While that happens, your head unit will display power measurements taken by the Drivo along 24 points to a +/-1% accuracy as you ride, allowing you to track training and power for the winter season from one source. You'll need to mount your own cassette on the Drivo, as it doesn't come with its own, but what you spend in a second cassette, you'll save in ruined tires compared to rear mounted designs. Plus, Elite focused on making the Drivo as quiet as possible, which means you'll actually be able to train to your favorite tunes without maxing out the volume on your speakers. Finally, it's worth noting that the trainer includes a lifetime subscription to Elite's MyEtraining App and a mont...

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