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Elite Race Pro Work Stand

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Elite Race Pro Work Stand
Elite Race Pro Work Stand description:
There's a reason the Elite Race Pro Work Stand is the stand of choice for pro teams like Europcar and Katusha. It's a simple, lightweight, aluminum stand that folds quickly and easily for transport, with three stable non-slip legs for support and a pivoting top bar that gives you 360-degree access without having to move. To attach your bike to the stand, simply pop off the front wheel and attach your fork to the sliding mount, which adjusts to your frame length with the pull of a lever. Your bottom bracket rests on the back side of the bar, so you can pivot the bike up and around the fork for easier access. When your baby is shiny and running like a dream, simply pop it off the rack, fold down the collapsible arms, and tuck the Race Pro away until your next maintenance session.

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