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Echo ECHO3 Two Hand & Switch Fly Rod

item #EHO000P
Price: $524.95 Buy Echo ECHO3 Two Hand & Switch Fly Rod
Echo ECHO3 Two Hand & Switch Fly Rod
Echo ECHO3 Two Hand & Switch Fly Rod description:
An exceptionally advanced rod, the Echo3 Two Hand & Switch Fly Rod is constructed with high-modulus graphite and modern resins for a lightweight and sturdy build. Stiff enough to nail your long distance shot, it maintains the sensitivity that allows you to feel even the gentler hits on your fly. The crisp action and high power of this rod allow you to use your normal casting style and transfer your energy into a longer and more effective shot. In addition to its high-performance specs, Echo added a touch of luxury with an anodized aluminum reel seat and a lightweight square rod case that can easily fit a second rod. The Echo3 is designed to perform well no matter what kind of water you're fishing on, making it a versatile, all-around rod.

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